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Mr. Takeoffs Estimating Inc

Precise Material Takeoffs For New Construction & Additions...


Let Us Put Your Home Together.

Save Time & Money...

Every Job Needs A Takeoff Done, and If Done Correct It Can Be The Most Important Tool on the Job.

Now with Lumber Prices at an ALL Time High Don't waste your $$$ on Materials You Do Not Need...Call Us, We Can Help.

Put Our 30+ years of Experience To Work For You And See Just How Much You Can Save...

We specialize in Takeoffs for Lumber, Exterior Doors, Interior Doors, and Trim, Windows and Exterior Siding and Trim.  

        The single most important thing I have learned in the years I have been in the Construction trade is that by having a detailed material list in hand before you start your build can save you time and money in a huge way. Don't start your build without one.

We Will Save You Money!


        It allows you to shop the suppliers in your area for the best possible prices.

If all the suppliers have a copy of our takeoff they all bid the same exact material, the same exact you the power to see where the real savings are.

        It's a sure way to save hundreds maybe even thousands on the materials you need.

        Tell them your shopping around and you need their best price upfront.

You'll be surprised at what you can save. 



**Contact us at**

Mr. Takeoffs Estimating Inc

Mailing Address:

851 West SR 436 

Suites 1053 / 1055

Altamonte Springs Florida 32714

Call us at 407-461-0111 

Send PDF plans and Links to 

[email protected]  or   [email protected]

we will get you a price and lead time



Handling your plans:

     Along with the ability to do a material take off from a traditional paper set of plans we can receive plans in several electronic formats. PDF files by e-mail, thumb drive, CD-Rom and others are all within our capabilities. 

No matter if your building your 25,000 square foot dream home or a simple 1200 square foot starter home...

We can and will help you save time and money.

We Offer the same detailed material list on

Multi-Family Buildings as well.  

8500 Square foot wood framed Custom Home 15 % below budget due to having a Mr. Takeoffs Estimate in hand before starting.

1200 Square foot starter home with no surprise cost on materials to the home owners due to having Mr. Takeoffs Estimating do a Complete Material Takeoff.